Binaural Beats MP3s & Brainwave Entrainment

There are lots of hypnosis CDs on the market, most of which are terrible. Although there are many variations of relaxation CDs, my favorite is the use of Binaural Beats MP3s (also called Brainwave Entrainment). Like hypnosis, it is based on psychology and neuroscience rather than mysticism.

Binaural Beat MP3s Influence Your State Of Consciousness – Perfect For Self Hypnosis

Binaural Beats are frequency sounds that you listen to with headphones, so that each ear hears a different frequency. This creates a third perceived frequency in the mind, which then alters your state of consciousness.

Your brain fluctuates through different brainwave frequencies all the time. Binaural Beat MP3s “tune the brainwaves” – and therefore your state of consciousness. They provide an excellent method of self hypnosis (click here to open a new window about self-hypnosis). If you are familiar with self hypnosis you will already be aware of what can be accomplished in the right states of mind. Goal setting, positive motivation, confidence building, deep relaxation, day-dreaming, focused symptom removal, boost your immune system, the list is endless. Binaural beats provide an effective way to access the higher awarenesses, allowing exploration of:

  • intuition
  • insight
  • creativity
  • imagination
  • understanding
  • thought
  • reasoning
  • intent
  • decisions
  • knowing
  • will
  • spirit
  • soul

Meditative States

After a session of 15 minutes or more, listeners of Binaural Beat MP3s report feeling refreshed, light, calm and clear-minded. Listening to the Binaural Beats for 30 minutes each day, particularly when combined with active goal setting and visualization, can result in noticeably positive life changes. Results of passive meditation can also be enhanced by combining the Binaural Beats with:

  • Your own relaxation or self hypnosis techniques
  • Guided Imagery techniques
  • Breathing techniques
  • Humming / toning
  • Autogenic training
  • Detailed visualization of goals to program the subconscious


How do Binaural Beats & Brainwave Entrainment work?

Binaural Beats Relaxation MP3s work by influencing the frequency of brainwaves (click here to open a new window about brainwaves) using a natural process known as the frequency following response (FFR). This is the tendency for brainwaves to resonate at the same frequency as an outside source, here provided by the binaural beats. After 5 minutes of listening to Binaural Beat MP3s, EEG recordings show that vast areas of the brain can resonate and synchronize to the frequency, creating changes of awareness. The frequency following response is a common finding in physics (think of tuning forks!) and electromagnetic brainwaves are no exception.

On Binaural Beat MP3s, the beats are generated from two tones of varying pitches presented to each ear. As they combine, the difference in pitch is percieved within the mind as a single third frequency. This then begins to influence the surrounding brain frequencies, leading to alterations in awareness.

Whilst Binaural Beat MP3s can be excellent for insomnia, they are different from normal relaxation CDs. You don’t fall asleep unless you choose to (and are listening to the right frequencies). Your awarenesses can increase and expand, giving you an unknown clarity of calm thought. You’re free to explore issues, make good decisions, make goals, and program your mind in whatever way you want. The natural restorative powers of theta rhythms are particularly excellent.

Click here to download a Binaural Beat MP3.

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