Anxiety & Panic

Things are great, I felt very positive after the last session and the feeling seems to have stayed with me since then, I haven’t had any more ‘pangs’ and feel better than ever, you have helped me make such a difference to my life and my outlook on things and I really appreciate all that you have done. I feel at ease with any problems I may have had and feel I can handle anything! Thank You So Much!”
Julia, Exeter

Everything is going well… I am a lot more positive about myself and more confident. I have been able to let go of a lot of emotions that I was holding on to. I found the whole experience was really beneficial to me. So thank you for your help.”
Leanna, Exeter

Panic attacks are like phobias – they result from specific psychological patterns of thought running at specific times. Your panic attacks may be linked to something particular, such as driving, or they may be more random.

Whatever the cause, with hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), you can learn to control your own reactions. Imagine how much more in control you’ll feel when you can run your own mind.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming allows you to really become aware of how your mind works for you. How is it managing to create panic attacks or anxiety? Once you begin to realise just how specific and powerful your mind can be in creating panic attacks, you can then learn to change your unique patterns to be more useful.

With hypnosis, you can learn to relax to a much deeper level than normal, where you can program your own subconscious. You can also learn to create more positive states at will, such as being calm and collected. Wouldn’t that be more useful?

Anxiety can often be a result of inner conflicts, or certain subconscious goals not being met. These goals may be useful goals that have since been forgotten – or un-useful goals that have been sat there from long ago. With Exeter based one-to-one hypnosis, you can explore your goals and motives, ensuring that any subconscious conflicts are dealt with. When the anxiety lifts – you’ll wish you’d tackled it long ago.

It has already had profound, though subtle changes on the way I view the world and I want these changes to continue.”
Paul, Crediton

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  • Hi, there i have suffered from anxiety from the age of 11 i am now 27 and still there are time in my life when it takes over. To a point it control’s my life and limits me a great deal. I have had all the treatments avavilble but still i can’t seem to take control, any advice would be helpful to me, kind regards gemma

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