Everything is going well… I am a lot more positive about myself and more confident. I have been able to let go of a lot of emotions that I was holding on to. I found the whole experience was really beneficial to me. So thank you for your help.”
Leanne, Exeter

Things are great, I felt very positive after the last session and the feeling seems to have stayed with me since then, I haven’t had any more ‘pangs’ and feel better than ever, you have helped me make such a difference to my life and my outlook on things and I really appreciate all that you have done. I feel at ease with any problems I may have had and feel I can handle anything!”
Julia, Exeter

hypnosis for confidence in exeter

Hypnosis, NLP and regression therapy are increasingly being used to help people like you enjoy more of themselves.

Many people feel ‘under-confident’ or say “I have no confidence”. Even those who look confident from the outside, can feel a total lack of confidence on the inside.

When people are asked “would you prefer to be more confident?” almost everyone says “yes” as we can all think of things we could do with just that bit more (or a lot more) confidence. But, strangely, people also add on the end of that, “but I wouldn’t want to be too confident”.

Well I have two things to tell you – and they might sound wrong at first – but I will soon reassure you that they are absolutely true.

1. You have all the confidence you’ll ever have, and ever need.

2. You can never be over-confident.

Let me explain…

1. You have all the confidence you’ll ever have, ever need.

You were born into this world with confidence. You cried when you wanted something, you learned, you seeked attention. You were confident. Sooner or later, you begin to have experiences which change the way that you use your confidence. You might form self-limiting negative beliefs (or a poor self image) about yourselves, based on the suggestions of others (parents, siblings, teachers, friends). You might form seeming low self-confidence based on emotional rationalisations: “Mum and Dad are always shouting at each other and neglecting me, it must be my fault, I must be a bad child, I feel guilty, I’m not good”.

Have you lost your confidence? Not at all. You have simply re-directed your confidence. You are now confident that you are a bad person (following on from the previous example).

What else are people often very confident of?

“I’m confident that people wont like me, if they truly knew who I was”.

“I’m confident that I’m not worth much”.

“I’m confident that I don’t deserve to be happy”.

“I’m confident that this presentation is going to go wrong”.

“I’m confident that I’m too shy to ask this girl out”.

You see how confidence can get redirected through experience?

Hypnosis can allow you to re-direct that same confidence in much more useful ways. NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) can allow you to become more aware of exactly how your confidence is directing you into unuseful behaviours and thoughts. By re-programming a few simple thought patterns, you might be surprised at how much better the ‘new’ confidence feels when its simply directed in a more useful way. Gestalt therapy, used with hypnosis can be incredibly powerful for re-addressing emotional blockages held towards significant people in your life. Regression therapy, allowing you to revisit memories and changes your feelings associated with them, can steer your confidence back on track in the present day.

Imagine, having that confidence all working in your favour and making you feel fantastic.

2. You can never be over-confident.

For some reason, and particularly in Britain, we’re taught that its wrong to be ‘too confident’. This is absolutely nonsense, you have all the confidence you’ll ever have, so why not use it in positive ways. What people mean when they say ‘too confident’ is that you might appear arrogant, or cocky. The irony is that this isn’t confidence at all. This is actually the opposite – arrogance thinly veils a sense of inferiorty, having to prove oneself and be self-centred.

Being simply confident in yourself is never a unlikeable trait. In fact, its highly attractive and highly inspiring.

You absolutely deserve to be as confident as you want to be. You absolutely deserve it. To enjoy the confidence you were born with, to make use of the opportunities and positive energy that you can enjoy when your confidence is directed towards positive ideas. If hypnosis for confidence could help you, then why not make use of the resource?

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