Fear of Driving

As a hypnotherapist in Exeter, I have helped people from all over Devon with driving nerves, phobia of driving and driving anxiety. Panics at roundabouts, fears of driving tests or even particular roads in Exeter or elsewhere – I can help you gain more self-control.

Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) explore how you manage to become nervous or frightened. Are you playing mental movies of disaster? Does the sight of a roundabout sign trigger trembling hands and thoughts going all over the place? Does your mind go into some kind of auto-pilot where everything is muddled up? By looking at how you manage to get yourself into such a state – we can begin to work together in changing the processes involved. So you can feel more confident or calm instead.

  • learn resources to relax
  • boost your confidence with simple triggers
  • program your mind to respond in more useful ways
  • If you are learning – set strong goals for passing your test – and absorb them subconsciously

I am familiar with most routes in Exeter, as well as the Exeter Test Centre. So if you are learning to drive in Exeter, I can relate to the specifics, and guide you through visualisations of your test with hypnosis. Many drivers find that after passing the test, a new confidence takes over. Why wait?

Getting control of your mental movies

A common pattern I discovered in sessions was that nervous drivers play ‘bad’ mental movies. If you close your eyes and think about driving – what are you visualising? Are you outside of the car, looking down on yourself? Nervous drivers often see it this way – and experience the resulting feeling of ‘being out of control’. They may also imagine motorways as speeding along, blurry cars either side, huge signs going past – leading to the fear of missing them and getting lost. Change your mental movies – slow them down, associate with yourself to get more control, and rehearse successful journeys in your mind.

Similarly, if you are talking to yourself in negative ways inside your mind (“this is going to go wrong!”) then start changing the voice and what its saying.

Simple techniques like this can have dramatic effects. Of course, if the nerves stem from something deeper then a good exploratory session with a professional will be much more useful.


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  • hi,after having suffered some dizzy spells over the last few years im forevever tense,nervous and worried incase of becoming dizzy/faint behind the driving wheel, have you encountered this before, and could hypno be a solution to prevent this ? regards, mark.

  • Hi Mark – It sounds like one of those vicious circles, where expectation and anticipation leads to more of the same, and so it continues. Whether or not hypnotherapy could help really depends on what the root causes are. If there is a subconscious fear or barrier at play (or its simply the expectation/anticipation) then it could certainly help. If its linked to something more physiological such (e.g. diet, sleep deprivation) then it shouldn’t be relied upon. As this is a situation linked to your personal safety, I can’t really advise at all – I have to recommend you seek medical advice.

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