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Had my interview today, felt exactly as i wanted to, it went very well, presentation was perfect, not as i’d practised but better, used no prompts and felt relaxed,
heard tonight that i’ve got the job, and better still, apparently i interviewed so well that they want me to be in charge of [another department] to get things running smoothly. I’m so very very pleased and excited, my day just could not get any better!”
Amanda, Cullompton

Do you have an important interview coming up? Perhaps you’ve found yourself in that bind where the more you want the job, the more you imagine yourself going to pieces and ‘mucking it up’! Hypnotherapy is a suberb resource to get you feeling confident and focussed – as many clients are realising for themselves.

A Wise Investment!

Normally, just one session is all it takes to boost that extra confidence on the day. A single session! If it means the difference between ‘Woo-Hoo!’ and ‘We regret to inform that on this occassion…” then isn’t that a wise choice to make?

Of course, hypnotherapy can’t guarantee that you’ll get the job. But should you be unsuccessful, at least you won’t be thinking “Why did I say that?” or “What must they have thought when I…” etc.

And if you do get the job… you’ll be over the moon!

Give a Good Interview

I got the job! Thanks 4 ur help!”

Sarah, Tiverton, by text SMS

What is expected tends to realised – its a rule of the mind. If you are imagining fluffing up and being embarrassed, then your subconscious will be focussing on that. On the other hand if you change your thoughts to automatically see yourself as being quietly confident, excited, enthusiastic, then you can enjoy those results instead.

Simply thinking it through and trying to ‘visualise a positive outcome’ (as the pop-psychology books often suggest) can be useful, but they don’t always reach the parts that hypnosis can. I can teach you how to control your perceptions, how to access positive states of mind at will, and how to project positive suggestions at your interviewers without them even knowing!

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  • Hi i have problem getting sleep whenever i know i have job commitments or important meetings the following day.

    Sadly, this has force me out of job for 3 months..and i attempted going for interviews but the similar occurrences of losing sleep doesnt go away.

    What can be done to help my circumstances?

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