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weight-loss-hypnosis-psychologyYou can’t ignore psychology. People get into all sorts of muddles and situations because they don’t have a clue how their minds work.

Animals don’t have weight loss problems because they aren’t as conscious or self-aware as we are. We have a whole set of instinctive and subconscious drives on the one hand, and a bunch of conscious decisions and habits on the other. I won’t go into the possible conflicts that may lie at the root of your weight loss issue, but I would like you to realise a few things, in whatever way is appropriate to you:

Your mind controls how you think, behave, feel, learn, decide and perceive.

True, agreed?

Ok, how about this.

Not everyone in the world has your weight loss issue. That’s obvious. But even if everyone had the same external circumstances that you do, they wouldn’t all have your exact same weight issue.


Because everyone goes about things in different ways. It doesn’t mean you are to blame, because nothing is to blame. It just is.

But is it fair to say that your mind should accept some responsibility for your situation? After all, your thoughts, behaviours, feelings, learnings, decisions and perceptions are probably the most powerful things in terms of how your own individual world view is crafted.

So if the problem is within your mind, the solution should be as well.

Have you ever heard these sayings:

Change your thoughts, and change your world”

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”

Weight Loss and Subconscious Conflict

This is why diets and pills are weak solutions, because they act on external things. You will still have the same internal drives, compulsions and impulses that led to your weight issue, so affecting the outside is just working against yourself and causing a massive subconscious conflict.

Did you know that even if the diet or pills are successful, the subconscious can find another way to express itself? This is something the packaging or success stories don’t tell you. If your mind doesn’t change, it will find itself a new outlet to achieve its goals. A substitute for being overweight. It may even gradually undermine your efforts and eventually put you in the same situation you were to begin with…

…”its such a shame, because that diet really worked as well. I think its just my job, I’ve been so stressed recently…”

Change your thoughts, and change your world.

You could spend a day at Barnes and Noble just to realise these points. So you may want to read it again, just to make sure it sinks in.

What do the weight loss hypnosis exercises do to help you change your thoughts? They put you in a great situation for self-suggestion, so that the things you think, want or desire are truly hammered home and understood by the deepest parts of your subconscious mind. Yes it’s a little like self-hypnosis, but you really don’t need to think about that just now. Self-suggestion actually happens all the time, its nothing new.

“I won’t eat just one more chocolate, I won’t eat just one more chocolate”

Can you see how self-suggestion might sometimes go wrong? Saying the above to yourself could actually have the opposite effect! We’re just going to use self-hypnosis more effectively, and to your benefit for a change.

The exercises could be used in the following ways:

  • Direct subconscious weight loss suggestions to program your thoughts and behaviours
  • Associative programming to alter your compulsions and impulses towards weight loss
  • Analytical awareness to uncover the real issues that lead to being overweight
  • Self image work to boost a ‘new you’
  • Future goal planning for true subconscious motivation to succeed – where nothing can stop it coming true.

As you can see, when the subconscious is changed and boosted towards what you want, controlled eating and exercise can take care of themselves! Your subconscious is always in the driving seat, you just need to give it the right directions.

Some traditional Weight Loss Hypnosis CDs normally throw a bunch of direct suggestions at you: “yooouuu wiill beeee thiiiiinnnn!” Do they work? Not normally. Why? Because they are too direct, working against your subconscious drives rather than with it. They are very easy to resist, and aren’t really a match for your subconscious. My Weight Loss Hypnosis Download works by building and increasing more self-confidence, to readily absorb suggestions for positive change. The Binaural Beats and mental exercises also give you the control. They come from within you, and work their magic there. In YOU!

What some people don’t realise enough, is that weight loss is not by itself the issue. The issue is not that you are over the weight you’d like to be. That is consequential, a reaction. The issue is not that you eat too much, or that you don’t exercise enough, as these are also consequential of something else.

Lets see if you agree with this.

The Body And Mind Have Much More Control Than People Realise

Your body knows how it works. Subconsciously, it knows how it metabolises food and how it burns off energy. You know subconsciously through experience, from eating everyday and knowing what you look like, how these processes work. So it’s not that you just accidentally do these things. Do you really think it’s some kind of crazy coincedence that you aren’t the weight you want to be?

If this is too much to realise, or too much to accept, then you will like the next bit. It’s the flipside of the coin.

If your mind has somehow put you in this situation – it can also get you out! People forget that responsibility has a fantastic payoff – self control! You don’t need to be at the mercy of outside influence or circumstance.

If you need any more evidence that your mind is the powerful centerforce of your weight and body image, just wait. When you have lost weight and are feeling fantastic about yourself (imagine it now) you will look back and think “yes, its true”.

There are many reasons that you may have subconsciously chosen to become overweight. As a practising hypnotherapist in the UK I have seen many reasons, and they range from the absolute unimaginable to the completely irrational. The three most common patterns though, I found, are:

Self-worth issues, where deep down you may not feel you deserve to be healthy, happy and attractive.
Comfort dependency, where self-destructive over-eating has been associated with happiness or comfort.
Protective needs, where you subconsciously believe that being attractive may attract feelings of hurt, shame or guilt.

Believe me when I say the subconscious works in mysterious ways – there is no logic whatsoever! If you must know all the ins and outs as to why you have a weight issue you could spend $1000’s on analytical psychotherapy. I’m not going to help you there because I don’t believe you need to know.

My clients are just interested in getting results, which is why I have put this program together.

Why Weight Loss Diets Don’t Always Work

Have you tried dieting? Didn’t work? The only way a diet can work is on the level of psychological change. If you work hard enough at sticking to a diet, and love the results so much you couldn’t bare to go back, you may subconsciously alter your self-image and maintain the new you (like an indirect form of self-hypnosis).

You may do.

But the odds are against it, as you are up against all of the habitual and psychological things that originally persuaded you to be overweight.

Its a Conflict between the Conscious and Subconscious

In the end, what is a diet? It is a conscious effort to fight something that was created and maintained subconsciously. Dieting is like admitting that you have no real self control at all, that you are out of rapport with yourself. That’s why they can be so painful, because you are doing the opposite consciously, to what you want to do subconsciously. It’s another mental conflict!

So what’s the best way?

Realise the real creators of the issue, and work with them instead of against them. Just as easily as you became overweight, you can lose it again by changing the subconscious processes.

As a hypnotherapist I normally use a blend of hypnosis, neuro-associative conditioning and hypnoanalysis to help my clients lose weight. They learn to effortlessly go inside and allow some magical change work to take place. If you change your self-image to something you would prefer, nothing will stop you achieving that. Whatever it takes to get to where you want to be, your subconscious will guide you towards it. And you will enjoy it, because you are no longer in a mental conflict.

After much research, case-notes and thought, I realised what the magic ingredients were to successful weight loss with hypnosis:

  • The active participation of the client
  • Some efficient, powerful and directed mental techniques
  • Something to enhance the learning and self-suggestion

Will you stop eating? Of course not. You may enjoy eating smaller portions, or less frequently. You won’t need to feel guilty about it either, because you know subconsciously that its ok to do that, and so you can enjoy it.

If you’ve been thinking about what you have been reading, you will have taken things in on a different level. You may have thought about who you will be, when you will lose weight and come to new realisations about what you have been doing, and what you really want. That being the case, you have already fulfilled magic ingredient #1: an active client. Now lets turn to some efficient, powerful and directed mental weight loss self hypnosis techniques…

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