Weight Loss Self Hypnosis Tips

Lets learn some fantastic weight loss self hypnosis techniques to influence your own mind to lose weight easily.


Need some assistance? You can choose between the Easy Mind binaural beats MP3 which provides a great soundscape for self-hypnosis techniques… or the Weight Loss Hypnosis MP3 which gives you multiple layers of hypnotic suggestions to absorb. Either is a great accompaniment to the exercises below”.

When you listen to the Easy Mind Binaural Beats MP3 with stereo headphones and a bit of privacy, you will be in the optimum environment for self-suggestion and mental changework. Your mind will atune to the relaxing learning states of Theta rhythm, and will love it!

It helps if you read through the exercises a few times beforehand, so that you can remember them. DO NOT WORRY if you forget any exercises when listening to the Easy Mind Binaural Beats MP3, simply work through what you can remember, and then read the list again before the next time. Relax, breath deeply, enjoy the whole process and be guided by your own intuition and subconscious.

The Easy Mind Binaural Beat MP3 doesn’t contain any voices, prompts, numbers or anything like that. It has been kept clean and simple to prevent distracting you out of the state of learning. Its simply a series of pulses and beats heard individually in each ear, which creates new frequencies in the brain gradually shifting from Alpha state to Delta (deep relaxation). Its also far better to have the freedom to think as and when you feel and remember, as you really are in the driving seat with this program – it keeps you sufficiently alert, but relaxed enough to absorb your own self-hypnosis techniques and goals.

Repeat Listens to Absorb the Suggestions

It does help if you can listen to either of the MP3s more than once. If any exercises seem to resonate more with you than others, then start with them, and move onto others later. Its up to you how long you spend with each exercise, and how many times you perform them. You won’t be able to cram in all of the exercises into a single session, as about 5 minutes should ideally be spent on each. Just replay the MP3 and perform the ones you missed.

A quick warning before we begin. You may feel like casually flipping through the exercises, listening to the MP3 once, and then not bothering again.

You may even invent some excuses. But remember this: your subconscious may try everything it can to go against you. Afterall, it did have something to do with the situation in the first place. You just need to think of two things in spite of everything else: You WANT to lose weight, and this is an effortless way to build confidence and motivation towards your goal. There isn’t any good reason why you wouldn’t work through these exercises, other than to protect your subconscious and to stay exactly where you are. I think you should just do it. Just do it!

But it’s up to YOU.

The Weight Loss Self Hypnosis techniques follow.

#1 Be Fully Aware Of The NOW

Think about your situation as it is NOW, laden with as much detail as possible about the disadvantages of your weight loss situation. Think about your own inconveniences. The reactions of others. The things you can’t do as well. All the feelings associated with the weight issue. Spend a few minutes really getting into this, until you really begin to feel how much you don’t want to stay where you are.

#2 The not-to-distant FUTURE

Think about being the weight you want to be. Think about how you will look. How you will feel. How friends and family will react. New opportunities or realisations. New motivations. Try and get to a good level of detail about it, down to what you are eating in the now of the future, any new habits, and the clothes you wear as the new you. Again, spend a few minutes doing this, until you begin to feel a strong sense of excitement and desire about losing weight.

#3 Meet the new YOU

Take the last exercise to a new level. See yourself as if looking into a mirror, except you see yourself exactly how you want to be. Notice all of the details. Notice your skin, your lips, eyes, shape, how you are dressed. Ask yourself how you go to be like that.

Listen to the answer.

Don’t just rush through this, really listen to the answer, and wait to see what else emerges. You may surprise yourself.

Then slowly step inside of the new you, like putting on a new set of clothes.

Feel the new you from within, and how refreshing it feels. Notice the subtle differences in movement. Notice the responses of others. Walk around and really feel it. Spend as long as you like in this exercise, visualising everything and missing nothing. Feel it, live it, realise the difference. As you do this, your mind will be actually making changes to your self-image. You need to really feel it, want it, and believe it. Whilst inside of this new you, if you come across the old you again, give yourself a special message about what you need to do, or how good it will feel very soon.

#4 Appreciate What Your Subconscious Has Been Trying to Achieve For You

Think about your life as it is now again, and what would change when you have achieved weight loss. Don’t just think about the physical changes or differences. Spend some time thinking about the subtle negative changes, such as the envious responses of others.

See if you can realise some of the benefits of your current situation. It may be that a family member is similar, and you don’t want to “out-slim” them. It may be to protect you from being hurt by a relationship based on physical attraction, if any such relationships have occurred in the past. Keep thinking through as many situations as you can, until you find any possible reasons why you may have actually maintained a particular weight.

#5 Find New Ways To Reach The Subconscious Goals

Consider each of the possible benefits of staying in the current situation, one by one.

For each one, think and feel your way to the bottom of it, realising what the function of it is. Strip the function to its raw, pure nature (e.g. ‘protection’ from being hurt, ‘comfort’ in similarity etc). Then go inside yourself and find new ways to serve those same functions (e.g. for protection from being hurt, being more sensitive to the intent of others).

Find a new way to serve that function, and accept it as a new way. Feel this change, and visualise it as much as you can. You can then reorganise the way your mind operates, to allow weight loss the freedom to succeed.

#6 Mentally Rehearse Changing Your Habits

Think about any habits that reinforce your weight (e.g. going to the fridge, snacks with TV, favorite lunchtime haunts at work).

Visualise the habit, at its earliest stage during an occurance. Quickly change the image to the NEW YOU image, looking exactly how you want to be. Feel the change in motivation. Feel the strength of commitment. Do this about ten times for EACH habit you can think of. After enough times, you should have difficulty thinking of the habit without automatically reverting to the change of decision.


#7 Modify Any Memories In a Positive Way

Go back through your life. Find any memories that stick out as being relevant to your weight issue.

Relive the memory in a different way – as if you were already the NEW YOU.

That’s right, imagine you never had a weight issue, that you were always the way that you are going to be. See how the memory plays out. See how you feel. See and feel how others respond. Do this for as many memories as you can. Think around the memories, how you acted differently in each situation being like the NEW YOU. You will be changing your mind and body’s response to those memories, paving the way for the NEW YOU to be accepted fully.

#8 Creative Visualisation With Relaxed Imagination

As the Binaural Beats slow down, you will enter a wonderfully relaxed and creative state. Use this to your advantage.

Feel yourself go on creative journey, visualising and imagining any metaphors you can to losing weight.

Imagine yourself floating off as light as a feather.

Imagine running continuously through fields.

Imagine exercising vigorously, sweating, challenging your muscles.

Feel your body tingle to its extremeties. Imagine swimming, flowing freely with the water, streamlined and elegant like a dolphin.

Imagine breathing in fresh blue energy and the warm glow flowing all through your body.

#9 Goal Setting

Make a date for when you will be the NEW YOU. Visualise writing it down on a large blackboard, or poster. In your mind, you can even post up a massive billboard with the printed date! Think about the changes you could make in the coming days to reach that goal.

#10 Travel Along Your Timeline

Imagine floating above your timeline. Your timeline is a line that represents your life. It could be a straight line, a curl, a spiral, whatever feels natural to you when you close your eyes and imagine it.

Float above the now, and float towards the future date when you have lost weight and are the new you.

Step into the new body again, feel the differences.

Then when you feel satisfied, float up, and back along to the present. Notice all the little changes and memories along the way. Enjoy them. Embrace them.

Now, go and re-read the self-hypnosis techniques again. Have them fresh in your mind. After a couple of sessions, you will get good at remembering them. Just try one, two or three when you listen to the relaxing MP3s.

Throughout these exercices, you will be changing the subconscious motives and structures that influence your everyday behaviour. Soon you may notice small differences in your everyday life. You won’t need to think about them, they will come from within, from the subconscious mind, from the same place that the original situation came from. You may surprise yourself. You will feel like doing different things. You may think differently about particular issues.

I don’t need to wish you luck. I just need to remind you to do the exercises! Your mind will take care of the rest!

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