The only similarities between sleep and hypnosis are the mystery they pose to science, and the fact that we can’t escape them. The effects of lack of sleep can cripple your immune system, energy flow, learning, and you wouldn’t live very long at all. In fact without any sleep, you wouldn’t live past the second week. Sleep is a restorative process where Theta Rhythm stimulates neurons to organise your daily learnings, as well as residual memory information from elsewhere in the brain. The body also rests, and nerves re-polarize.

Success!!! Now had 3 nights of blissful sleep, no herbal tablets or ear plugs required… I’m over the moon. I’m in a much better state of mind now”.

Amanda, Cullompton

The Need to Sleep

It used to be thought that sleep evolved to keep us distracted from endangering ourselves in the dark hours. But it performs a far more vital function. The effects of lack of sleep are profound. If deprived of sleep, after around 20 days a rat will die, for no apparent reason. The only clue is a drop in body temperature. Once this happens, even sleep can’t save it, and although the rat may live for a few more days, nothing can be done to save it. In humans, sleep deprivation stunts to explore the effects of lack of sleep have always led to irritability, lack of concentration, a feeling of distance from the outside world, fear and paranoia, and forgetfulness. It poses the question – in this day and age, who doesn’t feel the effects of lack of sleep?

The average sleep debt has been slowly and silently increasing for years. People are expected to work more overtime, commute further, manage more responsibilities with less support, maintain a social life and somehow squeeze in a hobby or two. There are never enough hours in the day. Where better to steal them than the night?

Effects of lack of sleep are everywhere

In 1910, the average person slept for 9 hours. Then, in 1913 the electric light bulb was invented by Edison (who believed sleep was a waste of time), and industry changed. Now, with daylight seemingly no longer relevant, the average person sleeps for less than 7.5 hours. It is highly likely that most people are carrying a sizeable sleep debt, and experience the effects of lack of sleep without even realizing it. Did you know that sleep debts don’t go away? They can only be ‘paid back’ by sleeping.

What’s worse, is that people try to bury tiredness and fatigue with coffee and cigarettes, which completely interfere with sleep cycles. Did you know how adversely smoking can affect sleep patterns?

More subtle effects of lack of sleep

When you are tired, you are more suggestible. People who doze in front of the box in the evening are perfect targets for the commercials that filter into the back of the brain. You forget things. You feel less motivated to think and revert to autopilot more often than not. You become anxious, and this affects everything from performance, to physiology, to charisma. Your immunity drops, so you develop illnesses and aches. You’re not as aware, and therefore not as conscious as you could be. Do you know how many tragic accidents have been caused by effects of lack of sleep? People think they are packing in more life by cutting down on sleep, but it is life at a reduced quality. Its like using Long-Play. The price we pay for trying to gain more time is counter-productive.

Although the demands of modern living can be overbearing, listening to your natural sleep rhythms and respecting them is still a great thing to learn. Through learning to ‘let go’ and sink into your subconscious, you can increase your self-rapport and be far more resourceful.

Preventing effects of lack of sleep: hypnosis and relaxation

Using the same processes as meditation, ten minutes of deep hypnosis is like an hour of sleep, and is excellent for catching up on the effects of lack of sleep. Having a moment of stillness in the day is a great opportunity to reflect and ‘calm the inner storm’. When detached from conscious confusions and irrelevance, you are able to make better decisions and have more creative ideas.

There are some methods of self hypnosis here that you may find useful in getting yourself relaxed or falling to sleep.

Another excellent resource for catching up on the restorative effects of sleep is to experience the brainwaves of sleep, such as delta and theta frequencies. These can be easily stimulated through listening to Brainwave Entrainment, CDs containing audio landscapes of digital waves and pulses.


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  • Have you done any research into FFI? Fatal Familial Insomnia. It’s a rare disorder, associated with Mad Cow disease. It’s very interesting. These people cannot sleep at all, even with the aid of prescription strength sleep aids, though I believe some go 9 months or less before they die. In fact, a gentleman in the hospital was given so much, he fell into a coma. Even then, tests showed that he was not, in fact, getting REM sleep. So far, I believe there is no cure as it is so rare.

  • I’ve been employing brainwave entrainment for a while now, but not had very much of success – could you propose someplace I can get quality CDs?

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