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The Dark Imagination: My Theory for Hypnotic Phenomena


On most occasions, when I’ve met highly reputed hypnotists, I’ve had that realisation of “oh, they’re just people too”. What was I thinking? Many seem to become these almost mythical figures, wielding some special power that isn’t available to anyone else. Its all hype of course – suggestion and influence being the very thing that they’re using to market themselves as gurus.

Here are the common things used to build hype: Read More

The Dark Imagination: My Theory for Hypnotic Phenomena

There are a few theories that attempt to explain hypnosis, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. I don’t particularly want to get into them all here to prove anything, but I will touch on a few that resonate with my intuitions and experiences the most.

Recently through studying the idea of conscious will being an illusion, I got to thinking about how:

the feeling of conscious will and voluntariness,
the nature of imagination and automaticity…

…tie together. Read More

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