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Register as an author of the site – and write your own articles for the blog about any shame-based experiences, thoughts, or realizations.

Expressing yourself builds resilience.

You might find it oddly liberating to get things out of your head, to be understood, and to share your thoughts and feelings anonymously with our readers.

On the homepage of this site, you’ll see blog articles written by everyday people from various walks of life (hopefully at least, once the site picks up more activity thanks to your input! You’ll be one of the first.)

If you like, you can join the site with your own login, and write your own blog posts. Its really simple to do, and only takes a moment to log in once you’ve registered.

Talk about a situation that happened.

A reaction that made you feel fear of not being good enough, or not accepted.

A trivial observation.

An experience.

It doesn’t need to be something major, it could be a trivial situation (you might already have an idea of the kind of thing the site is about from the posts on the homepage).

It can be something little, something silly, something ponderous – but something honest.

Not everyone feels comfortable sharing silly stories of shameful feelings in normal life – your friends or family might take it the wrong way, not fully understand, or you might feel embarrassed to talk about it.

Sharing your story here can help build courage and confidence, allow strangers to empathize with you, and hopefully get some feedback to realize that you’re not alone.

Share as much or as little as you want

Once you’re registered, you might want to share a single posting, or (hopefully!) you might want to make it a bit more of a habit.

The general idea is to make it a habit. Whenever something happens that feels threatening, shameful or gives you those scary feelings of not being good enough in any way, write about it. Share your story with others, who can then practise empathy.

In return, you might want to reply to others postings, to pay it forward.

Together, we might be able to build a group of people with a sense of belonging.

A sense of connection.

And find out whether it helps in any way!

A few rules…

If you do decide to contribute a story, we need to have a few little guidelines.

1) No personal names or identifying information please! Lets keep things anonymous.

2) Whilst its okay to have a bit of a moan or a whinge, be weary not to reinforce feelings of shame by doing so (its an easy trap to fall into, so don’t worry if you do).

3) If you can build in something positive to your story, a way that you reframed how you looked at something, or something you learned, then all the better.

4) Don’t be dismayed or upset if someone doesn’t respond to your post immediately. These things take time!

Be involved from the beginning…

This is a young site. I have no idea what will happen to it. Maybe it will become popular, maybe it won’t. But please do help the site to grow, by either contributing a story, replying to other’s posts, or just spreading the word with links and mentions.

Whatever you decide to do – thank you very much for finding the site and reading this far!

What next?

If you want to get involved, register as an author of the site. You can then write your own articles for the blog about any shame-based experiences, thoughts, or realizations.

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