Poor Self Esteem/Inferiority

There are plenty of opportunities in life to feel waves of depression. Punches of anxiety. Stabbings of guilt. Explosions of anger. Or those niggling feelings that you aren’t doing the right thing with your life. Do you ever notice right at the heart of such feelings, can be feelings of pressure and expectations? Whether from yourself, others, or society in general? For example, the pressure to ‘be happy’ and ‘feel rewarded’ are massive (they drive the consumerist economy) so its no wonder that many people feel a little empty a lot of the time.

Feelings of Inferiority can be both a result, and a cause of such feelings. A feeling of being undermined, somehow not quite good enough, constantly struggling to know how to just feel better. Millions of people carry feelings of inferiority, and you are one step closer to being able to easily spot the signs in yourself and others. The inferiority complex is always mistaken as meaning you ‘look up’ to people, but it can actually mean quite the opposite, and so much more. Even high-achievers can be fuelled by a deep fear of inferiority. The effects are subtle yet overwhelmingly powerful in stopping you enjoying life as much as you could. As much as you should.

Some core characteristics of the inferiority complex:

  • a deep rooted disbelief in yourself, despite any skills or successes
  • a sense of helplessness and fear
  • expressing yourself in destructive ways
  • discouraging yourself from certain things that need to be done
  • disliking going into the company of others, meetings or dinner parties etc.
  • fear when meeting a stranger
  • shrinking from attempting the difficult
  • steer away from anything that may be criticized

or consider these:

  • Were you somehow different as a child – whether physically or psychologically – and recognised as such?
  • Snapped at for no good reason, or brought up strictly to fear your parents or teachers?
  • Perhaps were overly sensitive to your environment and the people in it?
  • Having an older brother or sister who did everything first and so you subconsciously felt left behind?
  • Having a brother or sister who seemingly overshadowed you with attractive looks or greater success?
  • A parent who over-fussed, provided you with more than was needed, reduced your opportunity to find your own way?

If any of these ‘ring bells’ in your mind, you can begin to realise just how powerful a little self awareness could be, in allowing you to understand yourself.

Rise Above Inferior Feelings
The book “Rise Above Inferior Feelings” explains the causes, the signs, and the cures for feelings of inferiority. It has won excellent word-of-mouth referrals and praise because the awareness of psychology and how people operate is useful to everyone, including you. When you are more aware of why and how some people aren’t what they seem, possibilities and realizations will open up before you. When you are more aware of yourself… don’t even get me started on the benefits! This information is particularly important to teachers, parents, employers and of course, anyone who suspects they could benefit from getting rid of inferior feelings. It is only available here as an immediate download, and at such excellent value this book really is an essential read.

An extract from “Rise Above Inferior Feelings”:

“Eventually it could manifest as grumbling at his environment, cynicism or negativism, and self-destruction through social avoidance, alcoholism or smoking. One man complains that he is always unlucky, another develops a false humility, another becomes vastly conceited about nothing, another develops morbid fear, another cannot face up to life”.

Rise Above Inferior Feelings – Contents

  • The nature of the complex
  • Recognizing signs of overcompensation
  • Causes of inferiority
  • How to rise above it
  • How to just feel better
  • Self-awareness: some excellent mind tools for change
  • Instant notification of updates

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