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If you’re a hypnotherapist, you’ve probably (hopefully) already read some of Milton Erickson’s hypnosis books. Books such as “Hypnotic Realities” and “An Exploratory Casebook” are incredibly valuable for learning the subtle dynamics of suggestion – and despite being pricey, they’re worth far more in terms of learning value.

Do you want to learn Milton Erickson’s skills of hypnosis and influence?
Then you’ll want to learn properly and effectively

This single sheet details the hypnotherapeutic dynamics of Milton Erickson, the legendary master of Hypnosis, NLP and hypnotic influence.

Milton Erickson Hypnosis Simplified

milton-erickson-dynamicsLike you, I have a healthy interest in NLP, hypnosis, influence and realise the importance of Erickson’s work. Having carefully studied the books myself, I felt it necessary to ‘see’ the patterns and how all of the different and subtle tools and techniques link up in a single therapy session, or hypnosis encounter. This sheet is the result of that study.

I have read a lot of hypnosis and NLP literature, and I have never come across anything like this. Something that simplifies and organises the complex dynamics of Milton Erickson. If I had, I know I would have learned a lot faster and more efficiently. It really makes me wonder just how many therapists, NLP practitioners and authors do understand his work!

Not For Hypnosis Beginners!

This sheet is quite complex. If you know nothing at all about Milton Erickson or his hypnosis work then it will make no sense at first. But as you begin to learn and watch any footage, you will find this sheet an extremely useful guide. It organises your thoughts so that as you learn, you know the relationship of one tool to another, and how they all fit together. Please realise that is a guide to learning, and whilst it can be understood on its own, it will be so much more enhanced by learning what it all means. And it *is* assumed that you have your own resources for learning Milton Erickson’s work. For example, if you don’t know yet what an anchor is, or ‘depotentiation’, or the concept of ‘utilisation’ then you do need to read more! (and this guide is then even more essential to you). It will let you know where you need to focus your learning.

All too often, the weaker books, seminars or ghastly sales or marketing training events will teach a tiny piece of the puzzle, without showing how important other stages of the dynamics are. I have even seen cards, or index cards with different ‘language patterns’. What they don’t tell you, and what you will know instantly from seeing this sheet, is that the power of those patterns also lies in relation to other subtle dynamics. This sheet details the whole arena of influential dynamics, so that you can learn the myriad of skills efficiently starting from now.

Understand Milton Erickson Hypnosis

I really wish I had this to begin with. Whilst reading any of the classic texts I would have found it so useful to be able to cross reference different dynamics and see how they work. Sometimes I found that a particular case was highly interesting and informative, but didn’t know how to understand the underlying dynamics. If I’d had this sheet, I’d have seen instantly, and learned that much faster. Thats why I produced it! Even now I refer to it, and have it so deeply engrained that I get so much more out of any study, whether about Erickson, NLP or hypnosis.

Please Note: This is only a single sheet of Letter/A4, available for instant download after purchase. Please realise that before you buy. I stress the word only because if you don’t realise now how valuable this information could be, then it wasn’t meant for you. It’s difficult to explain to any beginners learning NLP, hypnosis or influence skills, but anything to simplify and organise the long journey of learning really is valuable. I know and trust that any fans or students of Erickson’s work will understand what I mean.

Truly essential for any serious students of Milton Erickson’s works, hypnosis, NLP or hypnotherapy


Milton Erickson Dynamics Sheet, Only $9.97 (approx 6 GBP)

True Value

If you think this sheet is too expensive, then you miss the point, and its probably not for you. It takes years to read all of Erickson’s material (trust me, I know), and the care and attention that I put into this should be valued and appreciated. It’s the only resource I know of that organizes the dynamics of Milton Erickson’s principles so efficiently, and its not available anywhere else.

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