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how-to-control-your-mind-hypnosisHow To Control Your Mind eBook
My down-to-earth guide to learning about your mind, and having much better control over it. One reader said “I hope you sell a million copies. I suspect that the world would be a much better place if this information became common knowledge”. I’m not quite at a million yet, but maybe you can help me get one step closer, in exchange I’ll help you get one step closer to your goals too!

binaural-beat-hypnosis-brainwave-entrainmentBinaural Beat MP3s
A range of brainwave entrainment downloads that lull your mind into specific states – from a learning state for self-hypnosis, to deep relaxation. Great for falling asleep to!

stop-smoking-hypnosis-mp3Stop Smoking MP3
The best Stop Smoking program you’ll find – merging hard-hitting secrets of nicotine addiction with expert hypnotherapy, multiple layers of surrounding suggestion therapy, and deeply relaxing binaural beats!

distinguished-hypnotherapist-bookDistinguished Hypnotherapist
A book for professionals – learn to hypnotise better, run your practice more effectively and keep yourself healthily aware of subtle processes.

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  • I’ve been both a therapist and stage hypnotist for thirty years. My mentor, David Christian, is a very good friend of The Amazing Kreskin, who has a collection of over 9000 Books concerned with Hypnosis. I’m looking, on my mentor’s behalf , for books he may not have and so am asking for books on the subject over 100 years old which you may have for sale. Perhaps, if you have, you can provide me with a list.
    Kindest wishes,
    Paul Howe ( alias The Amazing Mandrake)

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